A consultation may be helpful to:

  • Work together with the practices in the book, Healing the Trauma of Psychological Abuse – A Lived Experience Roadmap to a Mindful Recovery.
  • Discuss your need (or not) to find a professional therapist.
  • Just spend time with a supportive listener.
  • Get referred to Mindfulness teachers or therapists in your area who have more in depth qualifications than me.

How a consultation works:

  • Book out an hour of time that suits you (and is available on my calendar)
  • Pay your fee via Paypal (this is not refundable unless you cancel your appointment 48 hours beforehand – to do this, use the contact me email)
  • We can agree to meet via Skype, or Zoom if you prefer. Just let me know which platform when you make your booking. My addresses should be forwarded to you)
  • Please allow me and my web team time to sort out any glitches or issues, as this is a new website and some of the automatic functions may not be smooth sailing.
  • The chat will take around an hour.
  • The chat has a fee attached. It is less than a professional counsellor, therapist or psychologist charges.


  • Betrayal Trauma
  • Healing from Psychological and Emotional Abuse
  • Healing from Grooming and Manipulation
  • Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Syndrome
  • Psychopathic Abuse


  • I am a middle-class Australian woman with a Christian background and both rural and urban understanding.
  • I am a practitioner of Mindfulness via Secular Buddhism and Yoga.
  • I cloak my identity under a nom de plum because there is someone out there who will go to any lengths to destroy me.