This is what makes this man different from other men you’ve known:

  • Glib and superficial charm
  • Constant need for stimulation or chronic boredom
  • Pathological lying – Will lie and distort facts and change events to suit their own agenda
  • Appear easy-going – do not suffer guilt or remorse but rather disdain and gratification for the suffering they inflict on others
  • Shallow affect – limited range of emotions and emotional poverty despite apparent gregariousness
  • Conning through psychological manipulation – using triangulation, gaslighting and stonewalling to control their targets
  • Two-faced, putting friends and family down behind their backs
  • Tendency to blame their lack of success and failures on others
  • Acts different in public than in private – Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
  • Irresponsible and unreliable
  • Arrogant, acts superior, or privately reveals an apparent belief in his own specialness over time
  • Lives in a fantasy world which may include porn, flirting, affairs and dreams of unlimited success and fame.
  • Addicted to fantasy oriented behaviour
  • Irresponsible with money
  • Emotionally distant and unavailable unless they want something (or have something to gain)
  • Lack empathy for others, especially those they exploit – disguised cruelty to loved ones or pets
  • Very controlling and unable to relax
  • Regularly provoke people and blame them for the fight – goading
  • Passive aggressive
  • Cannot admit their mistakes or to having any personal faults whatsoever
  • A history of past upheavals ( many divorces)

Once a victim is chosen, the psychopath will then:

  • Gain their trust, sympathy or love, (love-bombing by deception and fabricated stories about themselves)
  • Take whatever they want (sexual gratification, money, support, kudos, etc)
  • Render the victim powerless (convince them to become dependent, and and confuse them by gaslighting, adultery and deception)
  • Remove the victim’s support base by discrediting them (smear campaigns, malicious gossip and triangulation)
  • Destroy the victim ‘s life and take pleasure from witnessing the destruction (via legal action, slander in the press or social media, or via direct contact from the confused and desperate victim seeking redress for their shocking treatment)


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