Survivors have deep within them the ability to train their minds to turn away from the devaluing, dehumanising and debilitating thoughts and emotions that arise from psychological abuse. We each can learn to detach from painful memories of betrayal and injustice, and move into a life filled with courage, calm and contentment.

The first challenge is being believed; and coming to understand that where you are now is not your fault. You were not the crazy abusive one. People don’t abandon people they love; they abandon people they were using. It wasn’t a relationship, it was a manipulationship. The next challenge is conquering compulsive thoughts of what happened to you and turning inwards to your own good heart; your own basic decency; your reborn self.

In consultations, I will listen to you, believe you, validate and support you. As a lived experience counsellor and author, I can help you with any of the mindfulness practices described in the book, or with other therapeutic models of psychotherapy. I offer consultations via Skype, Zoom or phone for AU$100 an hour (@US$73).

Our Agreement


  • I understand that I am responsible for my own health and wellbeing during author consultations, and any subsequent decisions or choices I make after the session.
  • I understand that the use of technology is not always secure and that, while the author will take every care to protect my confidentiality, she is not responsible for any unlawful interception of our communications.
  • I understand that any communications between the author and myself are confidential and that the author will take every care to ensure that my details and my identity are kept in a safe and secure manner, and that the author will seek my informed consent prior to disclosing any details to an outside party.
  • I understand that if the author is ordered by any court to disclose the nature of our conversations, she will do so, and that if I threaten to harm myself or someone else, the author may inform authorities without my informed consent.
  • I hereby waiver, release, acquit and discharge Margot MacCallum from any claim for compensation or damages arising out of acts or omissions by the author or myself as a result of our consultation or communications.
  • By booking an appointment, I am agreeing to the above terms.

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